How Effective Is Parliament

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How effective is Parliament? The House of Parliament is made up of both the House of Commons and The House of Lords, Parliament has six main functions that they must carry out. The main functions are; Legislative, Scrutiny, Recruitment, Legitimation and Representation .This essay will discuss what these functions entail and whether they are performed effectively. Firstly, Parliament must fulfil its legislative function. This is the means by with parliament passes the government’s legislation. Parliament is almost the only source of legislation. When a party wins the general election, a government is formed consisting of various parties. This government then makes laws that become acts of parliament, the legislation thus having been passed by parliament. Most bills that are passed by parliament are government bills; however, some bills that are passed through parliament are private members bills. There are also private bills which normally only affect certain private interests and can be introduced by MPs, usually on behalf of a company. These are not usually matters of public policy but are usually for matters such as road building. Unfortunately, bills through parliament can take a lot of time to become legislation. This is because there are many stages which the bill must go through which includes the House of Lords stage by which the bill may be rejected or amended (this may only occur three times). The final stage in the Royal Ascent is the process by which the queen signs the bill. The Act of Parliament has now gone into the statute book and must now be obeyed by all citizens of the UK. Due to the large amount of time it takes to pass bills the House of Commons does not fulfil is function effectively. As well as this the leading party will always have the majority in parliament, meaning it will almost always be able to push through its legislation.
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