What Are The Three Branches Of Government

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Powerful Branch (Bramble) In the United States Government there are three branches known as legislative, executive, and judicial that make up the government. Professor Ryan Emenaker likes to refer to these three branches as brambles. He refers to the branches as brambles because they have shared powers and the branches are always conflicting when it comes to who has what power. The United States government branches were suppose to be designed in a way that would not cause a conflict between them about which branch had what power. The judicial, executive, and legislative branches are suppose to be equal when it comes to the amount of power each of them have. The executive branch is the part of government that is going to carry out the laws and pretty much controls how the United States is ran on a daily basis. The judicial branch is the United States…show more content…
When there is a conflict the judicial branch is the branch that is going to decide how to deal with it. Out of the three branches of government the legislative branch is the most powerful branch in the United States. The legislative branch is the most powerful branch in the United States government. They are the branch that makes and passes laws. The power to override a president’s decision is also in the legislative branch’s hands. Laws can be stopped from being passed by the legislative branch who also has the ability to control the governments choices. The legislative branch is also known as congress, which includes the senate and the House of Representatives. The people of the United States had concerns of smaller states that contained more people against bigger states with less people. Divided throughout the fifty states are 435 elected

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