Thomas Jefferson Consistently Inconsistant

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Many would have to consider Thomas Jefferson as a man who was consistently inconsistent. Jefferson has a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Regardless Jefferson did abandon the principles of his party in order to do what was best for the country and it wasn’t necessarily doing what his party members agree on. Thomas Jefferson inconsistencies included international affairs, politics, and economic policies. Thomas Jefferson’s policies to for economic policies and letting the people follow their dreams to provide themselves with a steady income and provide a living. It can be said that today we take the concept of being able to self-govern for granted, but the restricting government put pressure on the citizens and allowing citizens to pursue their own dreams. When Jefferson was elected, as our third president of the United States, he did everything within his powers to destroy the Federalist influence inside the government. He was doing this during the beginning stages of the government. He would lead rallies against federal authority. By doing this it gave the Federal Government barely enough power for them to unite the states. Because of this, he believed that the federal government should have very limited powers. The Federalist government only had certain powers that were necessary give a central position that would not appeal the Individual but United States of America. This can be found in the tenth amendment in the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was a dies hard Democratic-Republican Jefferson came from a very proud and wealthy family. His father owned a few hundred acres of land. His father died and the land and slaves went to Jefferson. This let Jefferson write about human liberties. When Jefferson started writing about human liberties he began to contradict his own beliefs due to the fact he had over 200 slaves himself. Under the leadership of
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