Were The Founding Father’s Democratic Reformists?

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A often and well debated topic for many historians and scholars is about the democratic formation of the United States of America. Were the great political leaders democratic reformists? Alexander Hamilton believed people would always make the wrong decisions so they must have more intelligent individuals make decisions for them, others believed in a government run by the people for the people in which everything pertaining to government was voted on. Yes in a sense they were democratic reformists, but had republican ideals. The founding father’s were able to give the people a democratic way of electing leaders, while still having the a few of the people making important decisions in the peoples best interest. During the time of the revolution people were sick of the British parliament and felt as though the were not getting a fair and equal share in the decisions pertaining to them. Hence the phrase taxation without representation was coined. When America won the revolution many concerns and issues cropped up with the declaration of independence, it held very small amounts of power. Paying off debuts of the revolution became a choice that most states opted out on because their was no force behind the request. This created the daunting task of forming a government that had power to enforce laws without creating a system of government such as parliament, creating a country where the people had a say in how laws and regulations were created and displayed. When George Washington created his presidential cabinet he choose two men who were far apart from seeing eye to eye. These two men being Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton did not believe a democratic government and was stated “It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false
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