Things That I Struggle in Life Essay

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Everyone has their own struggle in life. Even if they try to avoid it, at last they still have to face and to solve it in order to get rid of that struggle. Some people may suffer from internal conflicts such as; mood swings, bad tempers, and other things. While others suffer from external conflicts. Most struggles people face today are external such as, alcoholism, violence, internet access, medical issues, and other things. Whereas my struggles may seem simple but actually it is common among teenagers. One of the things I struggle in life is fighting for control over my own life. When I was young, my parents maintain control over most aspects of my live. Example, choosing my clothes, friends, hobbies and so on. As I was growing older, I realize I can never grow into adults without having control of their lives. When I began to fight for control I scared I would risk losing my parent's love. Besides that, I also struggle in living up to my parents expectations. Parents always want me to be the way they want me to be. My parents wants me to have a certain career, appearance or college. For example, I want to be in the computer industry but my parents wants me to be a doctor because it has a better reputation and good income. Other than that, I also struggle learning new subjects. I am a very slow learner so it always takes a long time for me to start from a scratch. Example normally students took about one day to understand what they learn at school. In my case I may be taking up to two or three days to understand it. That is why I got to work harder than others. Each time I successfully freed myself from my struggles, I know there are more tougher struggles that I need to face in the future. That is why from young, parents advice us not to give up easily because even though we face struggles since young and the struggles were just small matters but

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