Theory Of Advertising Essay

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Theory of Advertising Introduction In this assignment I am going to look at how the Pepsi Max and Nina L’Elixir advert uses different ways to sell their product; by representation, narrative, ideology, audience, genre and the language of persuasion. The theory of advertising is using vividness, repetitions, rhetorical question and famous artists to make the product seem nice and make you feel special in a way; almost like you are in needy to buy it. In advertising those who are selling the product are trying to make a connection with the viewer, such as the common use of catch phrases, for example in L’Oreal uses ‘You’re worth it’. In the Pepsi Max advert they used professional looking males discussing about a project in an office. Three employees trick their boss into thinking he is going mad, using a parrot, a horse mask, a joker’s mask and the care taker hanging upside down. The boss is influenced and leaves the office with them three enjoying a car racing sport on TV and drinking Pepsi Max. On the other hand in the perfume advert they used a short musical and a good looking model, setting from her bedroom to a forest where she tries to find the perfume. It’s fascinating how they used the apple falling off from a tree and she catches it, the perfume. Comparison Structures The Pepsi Max advert is structured in an anti-realistic and linear way, because it is less likely that you will get away with putting on an animal mask, a caretaker hanging upside down and a parrot in the room is going to convince your boss that he is going mental. But that is not the aim of the advert; their aim is to show you the sensation of drinking Pepsi Max, aimed at male viewers. The young female model Nina Ricci has advertised for a few perfume products, the Nina L’Elixir perfumed uses maroon, white and grey colours to make it more professional rather than using really
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