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Running Head: Theory Critique Hart Theory Critique: Archibald Hart The Anxiety Cure Jennifer Hooker Liberty University COUN 507 Diane Powel 12/09/12 Summary of Content Dr. Archibald Hart’s book The Anxiety Cure is often presented as a self-help book. Dr. Hart introduces a guideline that would assist a person in determining the causes and prevention of anxiety and ways to cope with it. Dr. Hart wants to raise awareness on the growing effects of anxiety is now one of the major emotional disorders at this time (Hart, 1999). Stress can often be unpredictable and difficult to avoid, however it can end up leading to depression or an anxiety disorder, which could negatively affect the progress of living a healthy life. Dr. Hart provides examples of different techniques that can be utilized when coping with anxiety without having to rely on the use of medication. Dr. Hart examines the functioning of the brain as well as the way the body responds to stress. Dr. Hart explains that “Anxiety is not the presence of some phenomenon in the brain, but the absence of something else” (p. 4). Dr. Hart indicates that there are more than twenty –three million Americans that suffer from some type of anxiety disorder such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, phobias and generalized anxiety disorder (Hart, 1999). Dr. Hart indicates that the result of unhealthy stress and anxiety can often come from human beings trying to take things to fast at a pace that can affect a person negatively. Dr. Hart encourages people to slow down and take the time focus on aiming towards a tranquil life by using natural tranquilizers that are formed in our own bodies that can promote a calmness and relaxation. Dr. Hart further explains the result of anxiety, coming from an absence of significant brain neurotransmitters, which are known as the
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