Benefits and Cost Analysis of Diagnosing Children and Adolescents

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There are a great diversity of childhood disorder forms and causes. Some of these disorders are primarily disorders of the brain, while others are more behavioral in nature. Whatever the cause of child’s disorders or illnesses, one basic rule applies to what to do about helping them: It is best to seek professional treatment at the earliest time possible. Early treatment and intervention for children's symptoms helps reduce the impact of those symptoms on further development. Untreated symptoms can snowball and lead to the development of sometimes severe secondary problems such as social, academic and occupational difficulties, addictions, poor self-esteem, suicide attempts, self-harm (cutting or burning oneself) and the like. Secondary problems can be prevented or minimized when children's symptoms are brought under control. Problems listed can cause problems along the line monetary wise, in regards to different treatment methods ranging from treatment to tutoring. As stated earlier, that benefit will be to catch symptoms early and confer with a doctor with your concerns. Research Question What are the effects of ADHD on learning? ADHD is a developmental disorder, in that, in the diagnosed population, certain traits such as impulse control significantly lag in development when compared to the general population. Using magnetic resonance imaging, this developmental lag has been estimated to range between 3 years, to 5 years in the prefrontal cortex of those with ADHD patients in comparison to their peers; consequently, these delayed attributes are considered an impairment. ADHD has also been classified as a behavior disorder and a neurological disorder or combinations of these classifications such as neurobehavioral or neurodevelopment disorders. The most common symptoms of ADHD are distractibility, difficulty with concentration and focus, short term memory

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