How Drugs Affect The Body

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Do you ever wonder how drugs affect the body? Why are people that use drugs happy one second and then sad or angry the next? Are prescription drugs really any better for you than the drugs sold on the street? It is important to ask these types of questions in order for us to make choices that can help our bodies rather than harm them. In fact, if you take prescription drugs and have no questions or concerns about them then you probably need to make yourself more aware of your personal health. Although prescription drugs are legal-with the permission of a doctor-we should all be conscious of the risks as well as the benefits that these drugs come with. Just the simple knowledge that all drugs were legal at one time should make people cautious of any mind-altering substance, and push us to make positive choices. Not only do these drugs alter our bodies while we use them, but they can completely change the way our bodies are able to function when they are no longer present. We need to make ourselves knowledgeable about all of the effects of prescription medications in order to make good decisions for our overall health because if we do not, then we are merely playing dice with our health just like the users of illegal drugs. Prescription pain medications are used by patients to relieve extreme pain or discomfort. Although pain relievers are legal, increasing the frequency or amount that you use can cause harm to your body that was not originally intended. Pain medications release opiates that act in much the same way as the opiates found in heroin. Opiates can make your body feel relaxed, drowsy, and numb in place of those feelings of pain and discomfort. Once people stop using these pain relievers the body can have trouble dealing with pain. Withdrawal can occur causing effects in the body similar to that of being “dope sick”, which is a term used when undergoing
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