The Wolf at the Door - Short Story

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Putin and the Russians have suffered too many killings of their own people in the past. Now they want the whole of the 'Prime Minister's private army' wiped out, including Blake Johnson and Charles Ferguson. Somebody is after them: Blake, Harry Miller, his sister, Monica, Harry Salter and Billy. The only people spared are Roper and Dillon. After surviving a car bomb, Ferguson heads a desperate search to uncover the perpetrator. Not wanting any overt connections with their country, the Russians need the right kind of assassin, better than Carlos the Jackal. When such a man is discovered in a Lubiana prison, he is willing to take on the job as a price for his freedom! An unlikely man, brilliant and terrifying, ingenious and deadly, he is the wolf at the door. At the story, he is told to be a fine kid. Until when he goes to his college, there are some people who is racist ---- well to be short, at that time the area is full of riot. This man which we are talking about is named Daniel Holley. When he was at college, he was visited by a girl. He, of course took the girl around the city. Then, when they walked home, they are confronted and then tied by their attackers. Daniel then loses his consciousness. When he finally got up, he heard a girl’s scream… Rosaleen’s scream. He then rushes to untie himself and then try to save her. He was too late then, Rosaleen has been dead. But, controlled by his anger, he managed to kill all who attacked him and Rosaleen, with a pistol he took from one of them. After he’s done all that, he got a call from Rosaleen’s brother then he told everything. That brother came and checked him, and disposed the bodies for him. Daniel, and took him to the hospital to get treatment. In the hospital, he talks to Liam, who is Rosaleen’s brother. Liam thanks him for trying to save him even if he doesn’t succeed and let Daniel asks him for a

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