Crucible Creating And Maintain Conflict

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Throughout history we have seen many tyrants create and even maintain conflict just to further their own ends, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives. The likes of Muammar Gaddafi, Joseph Kony, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. These self-obsessed leaders have only come to power by being corrupt and creating conflict causing thousands of innocent people to suffer, they have used their high authority to steal land, money and even force their religious views/options.

Roughly 66,000 innocent children have been abducted and made to kill their parents by Kony; 20,000 people were killed during Gaddafi’s reign; 300,000 people were murdered by Benito Mussolini and 7 million were executed or worked to death by Hitler. In total, at least 7386,000 people were murdered all because tyrannical, self-obsessed leaders wanted to further their own ends. Develop own thoughts and relate them back to the topic.

In Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’ , Abigail Williams acts as a catalyst for the literal witch hunt which ensues, a parallel for the metaphorical witch hunt that played out in the Unites States in the ‘50s and ‘60s as any person with a link to the Communist party was “hunted out” and forced to confess at the HUAC. Abigail creates massive conflict in Salem, pointing the finger away from her own mistakes, pretending to act as ‘God’s finger’. However when she realizes she has an opportunity to further her own ends even further; where she and john Proctor can be together again. Abigail maintains such conflict where it ends up causing the innocent to suffer.
We can see people trying to further their own ends by creating and maintain conflict which is causing the innocent to suffer. Muammar Gaddafi also used his political power to his own gain just like those in “The Crucible” he used his power to gain more money, more land and more power, Reverend Parris resembles

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