Ap Were the Mongols Really Barbaric?

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The biggest empire in history, stands on thousands and thousands of lives (Doc 4). Exactly how barbaric, was the “barbarians”? Or in other words, how barbaric were the Mongols. Well, the Mongols were the very definition of barbaric, which is savage and evil people that were uncivilized (Background Essay). Not only were the Mongols illiterate, they were ruthless warriors that gave no mercy to those they conquered. The Mongols are barbaric for their uncivilized manner, brutal warfare, and greed for domination. To begin with, the Mongols couldn’t do anything that must civilized groups of people could do. Such as being able to read or write, making them illiterate (Background Essay). In fact the only reason why historians know about the Mongols, were because others wrote about them (Background Essay and Documents). In order for something to be classified as civilization, it must have written records and the Mongols have none. They also had no religion and had to ask about other religions just to declare their own (Doc. 9) Barbarians have no form of civilization in their society, if they even have a society. Furthermore, when it came to conquering or battling anyone, the Mongols were vicious. Every place they went to battle at, they killed many. Not even prisoners were safe from their wrath. Some were buried alive upside down, one of the most humiliating ways to be executed (Doc. 5). Also, if someone surrendered to the Mongols, they were still killed without any remorse. While battling, Mongols often surrounded their opponents before slaughtering all of them, not giving them any chance to escape (Doc. 3). In the military, if one member of a group fails or does not follow the Mongols rules for their soldiers, the whole group is executed (Doc. 2). All in all the Mongols are veracious killers that have no remorse for what they do. Finally, Mongols wanted to

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