The Mongols: "How Barbaric Were the Barbarians?"

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ment E) The Mongols existed during the 13th century in central Asia. They extended from Europe to Asian and conquered many countries. The emperors were called "Khan" meaning "king." Mongol's Barbarianism Although the Mongolians conquered many countries, their sophistication and discipline in war and in their community shows that they are not barbarian. Thesis: When the Mongols attack a city they enclose the city walls by surrounding the people and keeping them from escaping. They constantly fight, day and night, so the people in the middle become exhausted with not sleep. Whoever is left alive in the end are wither killed or kept as slaves. However they do nothing to the artisans. The way they take out their enemy is barbaric because they display no mercy. (Document D) The Mongol surround the city with their army. (Document F) Battle Tactics When the soldiers have to go to war they are require to bring their own supplies. For example, they had to carry their clothing , food, water, and weapons. This process makes it easier on the leader of the army because they wouldn't have to worry about rationing everything between soldiers. The soldiers also had a specific uniform that they were required to wear. The solders were required to wear a silk shirt, a fabric that protected the soldier from being as wounded when shot by and arrow. The Mongol's organization in war helped with all of their success in battle. Without organization, everything would have been confusing and jumbled up in each battle. (Document B) The army was organized with its leaders and who controlled who. Genghis Khan said that there should be one leader controlling ten men. Ten groups of men are combined and a captain of one hundred is made. Then there is a captain of one thousand etc. This process make communication between strategies so much easier because within a big group there are closer knit
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