Native American Ghost Dance

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Ghost Dance The Native Americans and whites had always been at war with each other, ever since the beginning of the Americas discovery and the migration of immigrants. The Europeans had wanted to acquire more land and make more colonization in the Native American territory. So they started fighting with each other for land and competing for resources. In response both parties would compromise and treaties were made, but the whites usually ended up breaking them. As Europeans started migrating in great numbers, they wanted to expand into the west more. Thus the vast expansion into the Native American territories created more tension and forceful removal of the Indians. Immigrants were also weary of these “savages”, they called. So they would…show more content…
The whites were starting to get angered by the Native Americans doing the Ghost Dance. It was a dance in which the Native Americans can communicate with each other and speak wrong of the whites. By November, the War Department sent troops to Lakota camps. They thought the Native Americans were in plans to start war with the government due to the dance. Actually the Native Americans were just defending their rights. They were not planning to start war. Once the Native Americans started to notice that there was military forming, they started making plans to defend themselves. They did not want war. It was too late though the military was under orders. Although there was a small battle between the Indians and the soldiers, "Massacre at Wounded Knee" best describes this tragic incident because most Native Americans were unarmed and many women and children who had nothing to do with the wars got killed. The following information will describe this event in detail and the people that were involved in this…show more content…
It was unimaginable and horrible. Many innocent people lost their lives. Blood was practically in buckets the night. It was sickening. If only the army could have just listened and not been in a hurry. Probably the result could have been better. Probably many people might have not died. Probably there would have been peace between the Native Americans and the whites. This battle to me should be titled “Massacre of Wounded Knee”. It was a spine tingling event. This event causes sorrow and only sorrow. This event made me realize that one should listen entirely and not take anything into result quickly. A massacre means the unnecessary, indiscriminate killings of a large number of human beings or animals. This battle is obviously not just a battle but a massacre. This battle killed many innocent people unnecessarily. This killed many for no reason. This is the “Massacre of Wounded Knee”. 1- ) Black Elk Speaks,

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