The Way Life Changes a Life Essay

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The way life changes a life Suppose you were 11 years old and were the most popular kid in school and hung out with friends all the time and suddenly it all changes. I was in the 5th grade when I got the news that my mom was pregnant with my little brother. At first I was very excited to have a little brother because I was the youngest in the family: not knowing the responsibility it entails. I was not able to go out as much, and never really had the free time that I use to be able to have. My little brother Joey was a big change in my life and during the years he was growing up I hated it, but I believed he had a big impact on my life by helping me to become a man. He taught me many things I didn’t think I would ever learn. I became someone I never thought I would be but always wanted to be and that is a responsible adult. When he was born I was really excited and couldn’t wait to be able to have him at my house and be able to play with him. During the first couple years of his life my mom was with him all day everyday because he was just a little baby. So when I would get home from school I was always excited to see him for a little bit then be able to go out and hang with my friends or play video games. After the first few years of his life and when I was getting older and was starting high school it all changed. Getting older is something I thought I was going to enjoy because of how many friends I had, but when you have someone you have to take care of its a lot harder to enjoy life. When I entered high school I thought I was going to have the best time because I had many friends and I was excited to go out and party. When I realized that I was going to have to start taking care of him I hated it. I had to always come home right after school to watch him and I was never really able to go out much. Every time my mother told me I had to watch
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