How Is Atticus Intelligent

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, there are very few people that are truly intelligent. There is only one character that possibly could have proven that Tom Warrups was innocent. Most people would’ve pictured that task as impossible, but not Atticus. Only one parent encouraged their kids to read outside of school. The teachers even told him to stop letting his daughter read but he believed in making sure that she could. Finally, Atticus would rather read and write than shoot guns or play football. No other adult would spend his time reading the paper and other novels. Those are some of the reasons why Atticus is the most intelligent character created in Harper Lee’s classic. When Atticus was assigned to defend Tom Warrups in his rape charge against Mayella Ewell, he would have given…show more content…
That is why he felt that his children should be proficient readers. Ever since his kids were born he felt the need to pass his intelligence onto Scout and Jem. He believed that if he taught his kids to be as intelligent as he was, they could grow up to be successful people. Once, when Scout had started the first grade, her teacher, Ms. Caroline, told Scout that she was not allowed to read. However, Atticus encouraged reading and prompted his daughter to read every night with him. In the 1930’s only someone truly intelligent would have promoted reading to their kids at such a young age, and that’s another reason why Atticus is a genius. Finally, Atticus is also incredibly smart because while most of his peers are shooting at targets or playing football, Atticus would rather read. Although he was already a successful lawyer, he still worked hard to improve his knowledge through reading. In a town where reading was shunned, Atticus always promoted it. Atticus used to be a sharp shooter and one of the best in the county. However, he gave all that up for books, novels, and work. Only a truly intelligent man and humble character would have chosen his
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