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Hi, I’m Shawn Ledet. Seventeen years ago this huge stork was flying around and decided to drop me off. I grew up in Bourg, Louisiana, which has the same effect as saying I’m from Dacono, Colorado, most people don’t have a clue where that is. I’ve had a pretty interesting life, with my fair share of experiences. I grew up with family, a few friends, but most importantly music. I’ve always had a pretty large family, my momma has six sisters and one brother, but it’s always been broken apart. My dad ran off, but my step-dad has always been there. Because I felt my dad never wanted me, I constantly tried impressing my stepdad, which, among other things, resulted in me playing TPR football for four years. Because I always tried impressing people, I never felt as if I fit in anywhere. Because of this I had seldom actual friends. I did have a best-friend though, and around second grade he caused my life to flip upside down. A combination of my best friend hurting me and me feeling that no one wanted me sent me spiraling into depression. And the kicker is that I was only seven. Long story short,…show more content…
I had no idea what I was writing, but I was writing. Elaborate stories, sucky poems, childish songs; anything to keep my mind occupied. I was in a very dark place I finally found a safe haven. My very first song was about a girl, how cliché. It was a love song entitled “Speechless” about this girl I had never had the courage to talk to. Writing it, then later reading, made me happy, a feeling I was unfamiliar with. That’s when I discovered the power of music, how it can show you that which you thought had disappeared. From then my writings were focused mainly on poetry and songs. In the beginning, a lot of my work was dark, but it eventually took a brighter turn. The music changed my life, I went from trying to impress people, which was my way of begging for acceptance, to becoming my own person. At this point in my life I found real

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