The Value of the Family

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Luisina Alfonseca Prof: Adrian English 12 Draft #2 4/24/12 The Value of the Family In my opinion family is the most important thing in the world because that is the way we come to the world. I have learned through the years the important of the family and his value. My mother was separated from my father when I was two years old after that she decided to move in with my Grandmother. In my Grandmother’s house lived just my mother, grandmother and me. It was boring because I was the only child and my mother didn’t want to let me out at all. When I moved to New York at the age of 17 years old, I was just focused in school and I didn’t care about boyfriends and all the drama. Years later I met a guy who changes my life completely. Then the idea of never getting married or having kids disappear. Now I’m happily married thank God, and have a beautiful and healthy daughter. I only care about the welfare of my family and try to teach my daughter respect, love, and the value of family. Since my mother was separated from my father she has not married again and take care my Grandmother, also helps me a lot with my daughter. My mother always recommends me to protect and care about my marriage. Now days I see young woman like me who are trying to find a good man. Unfortunately some of the guys don’t want responsibilities in their life. I think to sign a paper (get married) don’t give the relationship the happiness in our life. The key is to respect each other and try to keep the magic. A perfect family doesn’t exist but if we put a little effort, we can contribute to have harmony at home. I think that is the value of the

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