The U.S Offshore Outsourcing Dilemma

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What affect do you think an organization’s offshore outsourcing has on the morale of its employees? I definitely think that offshore outsourcing has a very negative impact on the employee’s morale towards their organization. As an employee you are always loyal to your company and expect the same treatment back. Even though I do understand the purpose and reasoning behind outsourcing the management should see their employees as a person and not just as an asset. I think that an organization should be very open in their decision so employees do not get shocked when they get laid off. After all some companies need to outsource to being able to compete and keep a sustainable competitive advantage towards their competitors. Do you agree with some politicians that we need laws to limit offshore outsourcing? The idea of passing laws to limit offshore outsourcing I think is a good idea as long as they are only applied to government contractors. Other companies need the opportunity to outsource to being able to compete. What should you consider when deciding which systems to outsource and which people to lay off? To choose what to outsource can be a problem. Management needs to make sure that the quality of their systems will stay the same or improve. Also that the communication with IT systems between the US and Romania will be linked and not be a barrier. Whatever systems that can be outsourced and still be as effective as before will be an advantage to the company since they will half the cost of their current workforce. When deciding on which people to lay off I think it is necessary for a company to periodically list their employees from the most valuable to the least. When the time comes to outsource the management can start cutting from the bottom of this list. What arguments and alternatives could you present that might dissuade the company

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