The Difference Between Job Security and Employement Security

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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JOB SECURITY & EMPLOYMENT SECURITY? Two major concepts, employment security and job security, may sound identical, but one term applies to unemployment while the other does not. Knowing the difference is always useful, because it will be relevant both during and in between jobs. Job Security • The term "job security" applies specifically to a job. Webster's dictionary defines it as a sense of safety arising from the knowledge that an employee will remain at their job. A position with higher job security will have a reduced chance of unemployment due to termination, layoffs or other causes. Finding Job Security • Job security is much more abundant depending on the career in question. Higher-paying jobs often include benefits or collective agreements that make the job more appealing. According to Newsweek's article "12 Secure Jobs for the Next Decade," a lot of job security is also fueled by demand, so lower-paying jobs do not always imply poor security. Those in jobs with low demand or benefits can be let go or have their hours cut an any time. 1. Employment Security o Although job security is focal to the job in question, employment security applies to dealing with job loss. According to websites such as the Washington State Employment Security Department, employment security is seen as the wide range of services available to those who are without jobs. Every state offers employment security in the form of unemployment insurance, resume assistance, job search agencies and other resources to help people get back to work. Finding Employment Security o If laid off or terminated for any reason, employment security is not difficult to find. There is the option to apply for unemployment insurance online, and there are many agencies and resources available to help find a new job. 2. Employment Security o Although job

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