How To Increase Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage: To Raise or Stay the Same By Rebecca Gebhart March 5th, 2013 Gebhart 1 Even though many people think that increasing the minimum wage will be more harmful than helpful, most evidence shows otherwise. Raising the minimum wage seems to be the right thing to do because after research there seemed to have been more benefits then downfalls that come with it. With deciding whether or not increasing minimum wage is a good idea comes a lot of different factors. Three possible factors are the effect it has on a worker in their personal life, the willingness and participation of an employee and what will happen to the company as a whole. Someone who is opposed to increasing the minimum wage has their arguments to why it is a…show more content…
By raising the minimum wage it means having to lay people off to be able to afford paying the remaining workers the higher salary. This eventually will eventually add on to the rate of unemployment in the eyes of someone who opposes it. There would be a lot of benefits that come with increasing the minimum wage for the workers. Someone working forty hours a week at minimum wage will bring in an average of 15,000 dollars a year which would not be sufficient enough to provide the necessities for only two people (Source two). If it is increased it will have a positive effect on employees in their personal life. Having the extra money each month will give a family the a sense of comfort not having to live pay check to pay check every month. Also when people make more money they are more prone to spending more which helps boost the economy. This then helps them to gain more financial security as an individual and will have the ability to purchase more goods (Source Two). The president wants to have the minimum wage raised up to nine dollars by the year of 2015, which will boost ages for around 15 million people, reduce poverty and inequality (Source

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