The Things I Learned In College

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Hearnes1 Landon Hearnes Professor Barrett-Fox Comp II 4 December 2013 Final Paper Growing up I have been in a private school my whole life so my educational history is a lot different than others. People that went to public schools had to worry about drugs and fights and other awful things in that category where the people that went to private schools just had to worry about having their shirt untucked or having a belt. So as you can tell my school life growing up was a lot more sheltered than many others so it affected the way I learned and the way I viewed school. When I came to Arkansas State University which is a public University I had to get used to a lot of change. With Percy’s stratagems I have found a way to find my place and…show more content…
As Percy talks about and describes how beautiful of a sight the Grand Canyon is, that is what I think about the farmland across the country (Percy Par. 2). I have grown up all around the land and I would not know what to do without it. College is my first step into being able to get a part of my family’s farm. I achieve what Percy calls “Lordship and mastery of creation” by filtering through all of the many things that come in an educational experience package and figuring out what is important and what does not matter in the long run. All through high school all that I did was complain about all my classes. I hated how we had so many classes that we learned that I know for sure I will…show more content…
So far I have not had any problems adjusting to the public school. Here at this school there are so many good people it is very easy to get along with people and make many new friends. Sororities and Fraternities are another great thing here that help people make friends. I have been here at school for only a couple months now and since I joined the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity I have already made some of my very best friends. Joining this Fraternity has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know through this I have many so many life-long brothers that will always be there for me at all times. It has been quite an adjustment, but it was not hard to do at all. When Percy says “Such a man is far more advanced in the dialectic than the sight-seer who is trying to get off the beaten track-getting up at dawn and approaching the canyon through the Mesquite” (Percy Par. 11) it is a great example of a new person like myself walking into a public University for the first time. Although my educational history has a lot to do with my life decisions my family and the environment I grew up in are also two big factors. I grew up around a farm so farming became a way of life not just a job. Getting a college degree is important to me because there is a lot behind farming than just the actual labor part of growing and harvesting the seed

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