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Amish Culture: Old Order System The Amish are a relatively young society dating back to only 1693 Europe. The Amish can now be found in Pennsylvania, Northeast Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. They live in settlements separated from the rest of the nearby cultures so that there is no fighting over the natural resources and in order to limit the ways of modern day society. Due to this separation, the Amish have had to develop their own mode of subsistence; this essay will outline their way of life, forged through agriculture, and how it plays a key role in the Amish’s beliefs, values, kinship, and social organization. In order to understand the Amish and their agricultural ways, it is first important to understand what exactly a mode of subsistence is. A mode of subsistence is the manner in which a group of people, such as tribes, chiefdoms, or, in this case, the Amish, gather their food to sustain their society. Old Order Amish have always relied on agriculture as their primary mode of subsistence throughout their history, dating back to their days in Europe before their great migration. Today, they still remain strong emerging agriculturalists. For instance, they are farmers who tend their land, gardeners who grow crops, and a society that relies heavily on their home canned goods. They also grow and slaughter their own livestock for meats and raise chickens for meat and eggs. Cows are not only used for milk, but for their meat as well. Not only do they sustain themselves on their homegrown meats and dairy, but they also sustain themselves on their own homegrown fruits and vegetables as well. The Amish primarily grow vegetable crops such as potatoes, celery, corn, and beets; some Amish even have grapevines and fruit trees on their property. This is essential to their community because they can grow their goods to sustain their families

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