The Stigma Of Tattoo'S

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The Stigma of Tattoo's 2 Getting my first tattoo was an unforgettable rush. Feeling sexy and empowered I easily became addicted. Unfortunately not all people feel this way when it comes to tattoo’s. With or without valid reasoning society today has a variety of opinions about tattoo’s ranging from culture and art, to personal beliefs. Tattoo’s today are a form of expression for individuals who love to be artistic. In society tattoos are more accepted than they ever have been, but there are still some negative thoughts and opinions about tattoos as well. Most of these negative opinions are from individuals relating tattoos with gangs, alcohol, and drugs. These are the most common stereotypes. Even with tattoos there are several people in the world today that are just as productive and successful as people with tattoos. Working and leading there own lives tattoos do not overcome a person and take up their time and money they are just apart of these individuals and they like to share what they feel and what they believe to the public. About 70 percent of Americans today do not have tattoo’s, but even still there are plenty of opinions from this percentage of people that do not like tattoo’s and why they feel the way the way they do. The four most common reasons why people do not like tattoo’s are “People with tattoo’s are less attractive”, “People with tattoo’s are less intelligent”, “People with tattoo’s are less sexy”, and “People with tattoo’s are more rebellious”. Out of all of these examples most of the opinions are based on the persons own personal thoughts on tattoos and only have their theories to back up their feelings. Not saying that any individual doesn’t have a valid reason for thinking the way they do about anything, maybe just that if they understood more about the process and what it means to the recipient

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