Economic Organization Culture Essay

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Economic Organization Culture Organizational culture is a phenomenon that exists in all companies. Author Edgar Schein stated that culture is not only a dynamic phenomenon that is created by our interactions with others but also a set of structures that help guide our behavior. Most of the authors and researchers focused on the psychological aspects of why culture appeared and how they influence the organization. Organizational Cultural Impact on Productivity As the world gets smaller, companies continue to increase and diversity get more relevant as cultural topic. Many leaders approach employee diversity as a situation to be avoided. They also use the old motto of treating people equally and it will provide equal results. Within any organizational culture, most people don’t feel the same when treated the same as everyone else because not everyone is the same. Most people would like to be categorized as their own individual. A research firm based in Indianapolis stated; “that employers spend too little time showing worker they matter, as manifested in lack of communication and lack of interest in new ideas and contributions.” Many employees feel unappreciated because their boss’ poor performance and it caused many workers to quit their jobs. Some employees take the initiative to get their work done and go the extra mile longs they know they are being supported. Organization culture is the concept of dealing with people who are having differences but at the same time if you are dealing with more than one person then you are more than likely to have differences. Mangers need to remember that the more they know about an organization, the more they can help their employees to be more productive. Leaders may find the initiative to be successful in a corporation without regards to the organization’s culture. If managers want their employees to do a good job and
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