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Crunk (Chengqian Li) Ms Pam April 9 Argument Essay Hiphop music is very popular and it’s a new rising star. However, to some people, they think Hiphop music is negative and impolitely; They think Hiphop music is a big obstruction to now community. Behind the brightness and the pressure of the Hiphop music. From Hiphop music itself by means of the reality even to the human living. Here are some truthful artistic values of Hiphop music really assist community. Hiphop music is artistic that germinate in the mind of freedom. So it is very creative. Community changes all the time, but the Hiphop music is sanctity and inviolability. And Hiphop music also express many people those who are being oppress and suffer from the community. Likewise, Hiphop music is as well as a type of speech that relates a part of right of the community, an art contains true words and fury. Because Hiphop music is inspired under the reality and process under the mind of freedom. Follow Shakespeare's use of iambic pentameter, Gilbert Newman Perkins notes Hiphop music also contains "tree verses of 16 bars" that "inherit the compositions of masterful poetry". Therefore, Hiphop music is purity and it’s really draws the nakedness through the voice and beat. The art of Hiphop music doesn’t create anything but recreate anything. Moreover, Hiphop music can make anything new and meaningful. Sometimes, Hiphop music might aggressive. One the one hand, Hiphop music is destructive. On the other hand, Hiphop music can also be a weapon that maintain the right of the life. There are many kinds of Hiphop music back to 70s until now (Jazz, conscious, hardcore, political, alternative etc.) cited by H. Adaso (n.d). However, Hiphop music is subsistent and never deviate its theme from the community. Thats why Hiphop music is impact by the history chronologically. Even though some people defined Hiphop

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