Fascination with Tattoos

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Fascination with Tattoos Over the years having or getting a tattoo has become increasingly popular throughout American culture. Having a tattoo is no longer a tool that was once used by criminals or gang members to show off their role in society. In fact, tattoos have been a positive trend allowing each individual a way of expressing themselves. On any day in just about any public place one can spot a person with a tattoo, from the business man with a portrait of his daughter tattooed on him, to a young girl with a butterfly on her ankle. Not too long ago tattooing did not experience the popularity it does today. Looking back at how people once perceived tattoos years ago and how they are becoming more and more common in today’s society shows how times are changing. It is obviously clear that tattoos have broken through their mysterious outlaw image; although to some, may be still viewed as rebellious behavior. Our culture has come a long way in what is seen as conservative and have exasperated many other ways of rebellion and more importantly ways of expressing themselves. Tattoos can now be worn proudly on the outside to show how one feels on the inside. There is no greater commitment to something then to wear it permanently on your body for everyone to see. The public has become fascinated with this concept of permanence and the beauty of a well-executed tattoo. Somewhere down the line, society has decided to turn their ignorance and fear into fascination; thus allowing it to be acceptable for a person to mark their body with something that means something to them. With all conventional means of remembering something expended, the tattoo has come and taken its place. People are getting tattoos in order to remember forever and to mark a moment in their life when something monumental has happened to them. In a world of artificial amusement and products, many

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