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The Sin Bin Or Lucy’s Heart Essay

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  • on November 21, 2011
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The sin bin or Lucy’s Heart

A – How old is the narrator
- We think she is about 13 years old (teenager)
B – How does she see her friend?
- She sees her as a grown girl, she is afraid of her because she is a bad girl.  
C – What does she think of her mother?
- Overprotective ( she can’t wear makeup )   She does not like her telling badly about Betham, she respects her.
D – How is this revealed in the text?  
-Penny she being bullied by Betham and Lucy, she comes between them.  
- ‘‘Sometimes I’m glad when my mum says I can’t go round and see her ‘’ (Bethem)
2 Vocabularies. What are the Danish equivalents of the following words?
- Be in detention - At være i eftersidning.
- Take detention – At tage imod eftersidning
- Grade – Karakter
- Head of year – Den kloge på årgangen
- Take the register – Skrive fravær
- Scholarship – Stipendium
- Fee-paying   - Privat skole
- Prize day - Udrækkelses dag
- O Level – Fag på folkeskolen afgangs niveau  


A) ‘’ Poor penny’’. What is penny’s situation? Find examples in the text to prove your point.
- She was the number 4 best in the school, and therefore also one of the best.   But Penny had told Lucy once, how her dad used to hit her mother.
B) Why does Lucy hit her?
- Lucy hit Penny, to prove to Bethan that nobody can go in between their friendship. Group pressure and to gain respect.   To show that she is tough. And because can’t go to private school
C) What are Lucy feelings for penny?
- She doesn’t hate Penny, She still likes penny but does not show her. They used to be best friends. She still have sympathize with Penny. She couldn’t look her in the eyes after hitting her. she feels sorry for her. Penny is a grade A student, she is not popular and is an easy target.  
D) Why does Lucy want to be friends with Bethan?
-   Because seems a bit older, walks with the older boys and smokes, so...

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