Summary Of The Skin I M In By Sharon Flake

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I've been there. Until I picked up a great book that I think everyone should read. It's called The Skin I'm in by Sharon Flake. This book is exciting and shows the hurtfulness of bullying. This book is about a girl named Maleeka. She is bullied because of her very dark skin. Maleeka soon becomes ashamed of her own self. She is also teased about the clothes her mom makes for her, since her father died and they now are poor. So Maleeka turns to Charlese Jones, a girl who you don't mess with and who always wants to be in control. Maleeka, who used to be a straight A student, has turned to be a student with falling grades and a teen who does homework for Charlese in return for clothes and the lessening of being teased. Char pushes around Maleeka.

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