The Role of the Teacher in Developing Drawing Essay

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The Role of the Teacher in Developing Drawing in the Early Years While studying to become primary school teacher specialising in Art and Design, I have developed a greater understanding of the importance of art in children’s lives. I feel that Art and Design is a crucial part of a child’s education. It is a vehicle in which new and innovative ideas can be driven. I have encountered many different learning styles during my time working with children. As a visual learner, I can relate to those who have alternative learning styles. As a teacher, it is my job to ensure that I teach children in a way that can be adapted to all learning styles. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory (1983), highlights seven different learning styles. It is clear that at least three of these multiple intelligences are associated with art. Throughout this project, I will aim to examine the teacher’s role in teaching Art in Key Stage One. I will seek specifically to identify the role of the teacher in the development of drawing in the early year’s classroom. I will reflect upon literature to complete an in-depth investigation into how drawing can be implemented in the classroom. Although Art and Design is an area incorporated into the curriculum, I believe that it is not held with the same importance of some subject areas. I feel that this is due to a lack of knowledge of its value to young learners. Wright (2010, p2) points out that art provides young people with meaning making experiences that engage their minds, hearts and bodies. This view would often be overlooked by educators. I feel that the art completed in classrooms can sometimes be quite trivial. Quite often, the focus of art lessons is on the product rather than the process that has taken place. Eisner and Day (2008, p808) believe that both process and product represent complex systems of skill and understanding. As an art

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