Examples Of Social Cognitive Perspective

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Learning Perspectives Learning Perspectives Christopher A. Schell Grand Canyon University EDU313N Educational Psychology 20th November 2009 Learning Perspectives Classroom of students are articulated with different attitudes, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses, not to mention different motivations. Understanding is one of the most cherished goals of educating these students. Teaching for understanding can bring knowledge to life by requiring students to manipulate knowledge in various ways. For instance, educators must connect with each student and ensure they are connected to what they are learning. Therefore one may utilize different Educational Psychology perspectives in accomplishing this task. The three perspectives…show more content…
The teacher is teaching the class how to kick a soccer ball in to the net. The Physical Educational teacher will demonstrate the proper technique to kick a soccer ball into the net. Once the teacher demonstrates such technique, each student will follow suit and repeat the technique that was observed by the teacher to the best of their ability. The class is signifying the observational learning effect behavior. The last section that will be communicated is building on a lesson plan and one activity for each perspective in outline form. Cognitive Psychology lesson in a classroom will aim at the development of learning skills such as concentration, perception, memory, and logical thinking (Ormrod, 2008). The following lesson plan is an activity plan for second and third grade levels in Mathematics and measurement. Description: Students will read the book ‘How Big is a Foot?’, as an introduction to a math measurement lesson comparing the size of their feet to their…show more content…
Objectives: Students will use their shoe measurements to determine how many shoes its takes to equal their

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