The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not Taken Robert Frost’s famous poem “The Road Not Taken” is a great example of a dilemma that many people go through in their lives. Whether it’s a major life decision or simply choosing soup or salad, this poem is overflowing with symbolism. In this story, the main character goes through a time in his life when he has to make a difficult decision. The two different options for this character’s decision would take the character down two entirely different roads in life. Sometimes taking the road less traveled by will make the most difference in one’s life. The year was 1990 and Adam Johnson was a high school basketball “phenom” from Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in Brooklyn, attending Arrowhead High School. It was his senior year, he had just won the class AAAA state basketball tournament, and was on the McDonald’s All-American team. Adam grew up in a low-income household, with just his mother because his father left when Adam was a young boy, never coming back or sending money for support. Then came the time for Adam to make his decision to either skip college to go straight to the NBA, or to attend college and get his degree while being a college star for four years. The problem was, Adam was having a hard time deciding which to choose as both have their pros and cons. Adam’s mother was sick, cannot work and can’t afford to support her and Adam for much longer. If Adam goes pro, he can earn money right away to help his mother and possibly be very successful in the NBA. If that plan backfires and Adam doesn’t make a career in the NBA, Adam would be stuck back at home with Mom and not much money and no college education. If Adam goes to college, he could get a full ride scholarship to a Division 1 school and get his college education. The flaw in that plan is that Adam’s mother wouldn’t be able to support herself with no job while Adam is at

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