Persuasive Speech Essay

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Title: Dream Act Name: Daniela Sanchez General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to support the Dream Act Time: I. Introduction (Attention) A. Attention Material/Credibility Material: 1. How would you feel if the sake of your stability in the country where you have grown up is taken away? What if you don’t ever get to be with your family again? 2. Well one of my cousins came illegally to this country when he was only 2. His parents thought that coming to the United States would give him and them as a family a better future. Until my cousin because a teenager was when all the problems started because he was not able to have a driver’s license neither get help from the government or take out a loan to pay for his college tuition. B. Tie to Audience: One of the people having this kind of situation might be someone you know, or this person could have been you also just because your parents wanted a better future for you. C. Thesis and Preview: 1. Thesis Statement- The need for this dream Act is very important to so many immigrants that are brought to this country when they are children. They need to be successful also and the Dream Act will help them reach their dreams. 2. Today I’d like to talk to you first about what the dream act is and what it does, second the benefits that illegal immigrants will have with the dream Act, and third how the dream act will help the economy of the United states. [Transition Into Body of Speech]: I will begin by telling you what the Dream Act is and what it does. II. BODY (Need) A. Main point number 1- people around the United States need the Dram Act especially in states like California, New Mexico, and Texas. 1. Statement of Need for Action: The problem is that the republicans do not want to get it passed because they say that
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