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Courtney Jones Rough Draft Lloyd, Gary (NBA Age Limit, More Hurtful Than Helpful) Beck, Howard (NBA Commissioner Stern wants to preserve age limit for players) (Why David Stern does not want High Schoolers) Bozich, Alex (Stern and Brand ponder new age limit rule) The Law states once a person reaches the age of 18, they’re legally considered an adult. Which also means most decisions should be made by that person, including basketball stars. If the top-ranked high school prospect in America wants to go to the Chicago Bulls and collect millions of dollars as opposed to going to North Carolina and taking a trigonometry class, also risk an injury that could seize their whole basketball career I say let them go (Lloyd, NBA age minimum).…show more content…
There are various reasons why people agree with his decision. David Stern feels that if he puts them through a year of school we can watch them compete at the college level, also it will give them a year to mature as players physically and make that transition from a boy to a man. (Beck, Preserve age limit). Players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Amare Stoudamire, and Kevin Garnett easily made the jump from prom to the pros because they were physically and mentally ready for it and they are still on top of their game today. Each March Madness creates an Emeka Okafor, Joe Alexander, or Andrew Bogut. This is where NBA teams get excited because they’ve been watching them excel on the collegiate level which is tough because mostly everyones goal is to take that next step into the NBA which is another concern Stern had was players coming out of high school and turning out to be a bust in the pros like Robert Swift. It’s a huge transition from High School basketball and Professional Basketball. Analysts and reporters often questioned Stern about this being a move to make the NCAA stronger and more competitive, he denied this and states “this was simply it a business decision for the N.B.A (Why Stern Does Not Want High…show more content…
It’s not right for him to rob these legal adults from doing what they love to do to earn a living. Something could happen where there’s an injury and they will never be able to live that dream they’ve had since childhood. Oak Hill Senior Point Guard Brandon Jennings found a way around the age requirement system. Brandon struggled with the S.A.T which would deny him eligibility to play at the University of Arizona , entering the draft out of high school was no longer an option, so he signed with a professional team in Italy for a year earning over $600,000 dollars, and the following year would be taken 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks (Zegers, Jennings goes for Europe). Will Jennings lead the way for future prospects behind him to follow in his footsteps? Only time will

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