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Hoop Dreams Perhaps the most basic and essential function of a movie is to evoke a particular response in its viewer. While watching the documentary Hoop Dreams, I have discovered this movie to be distinctly influential to the lives of many young men and women as it portrays the American dream. It involves two young men who reside in the housing projects in Chicago. Each has been given the great opportunity to attend a private school because of their phenomenal basketball skills. Each of these boys started off with the same goal in mind. They wanted to be able to reach the professional level of basketball. Hoop Dreams paints a detailed picture of the hard working lower class. Both of these men worked extremely hard to survive the challenges of their financial struggles. One boy, named William Gates, was provided with a full scholarship. His education was completely paid for, while Arthur Agee's family was forced to come up with half of the tuition the school requested. When it became evident that his family could not afford this, he was yanked out of the private school, and once again placed in the public school system. He excelled at basketball, but unfortunately struggled with his school work. During this time, Gates was also struggling. He injured his knee and was forced to sit out for a long period of time due to surgery. His girlfriend was also pregnant with his baby at this time. Both of these young men had many obstacles to overcome. In his senior year, Agee went on to take third place in the state, but because his grades were lacking he was not accepted to a four year university. Due to his injuries, Gates struggled throughout his final season, but he was accepted to a respectable college. In the end, Gates realized that his initial dreams were not the same as the dreams he had now. He felt that his family and education were now more important than

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