The Rise of Connectivity Addiction Essay

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Addiction Interventions “The Rise of Connectivity Addiction” June 17, 2014 Prepared by: Tim Deloughery Having just read, “The Rise of Connectivity Addiction” an excerpt from the book Future Minds: How the Digital Age Is Changing Our Minds written by Richard Watson. It is my opinion that connectivity is not the problem. Addiction is. Don’t get me wrong connectivity is a good thing but, like many things, it’s only a problem if it takes over. Connectivity is a good thing. It’s a wonderful thing. It makes your life easier in every conceivable way. Life is good when you’re connected. But connectivity needs to remain a tool, not a crutch. I was shocked to read about the family is South Korea who had allowed their daughter to die as a result of malnutrition because they were obsessed with raising an “avatar child” in a virtual world. While this may be an extreme case and perhaps other things in their lives may have contributed, such as being unemployed I cannot help but wonder how this could happen. The only reason or justification is addiction. Their addiction for online gaming must have consumed their lives to the point nothing else mattered. I truly hope this was an extreme case but unfortunately I would make the prediction that it is not an isolated incidence. Given the fact that other addictions such as alcohol and drugs have led to feral children in most parts of the world, it is only logical that internet addictions may lead to the same type of problems. Having been interested in the past about internet and/or connectivity addition I have taken the opportunity in the past to do some research on the matter. Ironically enough the research was completed via the internet. The purpose of the research was to satisfy my own questions I had in this matter due to spending much of my own personal time on the

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