Inf 103 Week 4 Assignment

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INF 103 Week 4 Assignment • In what ways should making money online have its limits? For example, is pornography, online gambling, etc, fair game? What are the ethical considerations involved? I believe that making money anywhere should have limits…especially online. Mainly because there are so many factors that cannot be controlled. I’m sure that the only thing worse than a child looking at pornography online is a child stealing their parents credit card to look at porn online. It is not controlled enough and I think that the least the industry can do is require a voice authorization every time. Online gambling is a whole other subject all together. The companies that have online casinos cant seriously think that anyone short of a addiction would trust a website that is taking their money to gamble online. I think its predatory business and it only makes someone suffering with gambling addictions less likely to break free. I know for a fact that gambling has destroyed many families, hopes, and dreams. I think that when operations like gambling and porn which are already suppose to be heavily monitored go online we can only expect more problems. The worse problem is that adults with addictions and issues that are harmful to others like child abuse or rape may not get a job working with children but feed their addiction at home in front of the computer. These are usually the adults that cant take it any more an brutally attack or rape a person they have been watching for a while. There was a little girl who lived only blocks from me who literally went outside to walk right across the street to the park and was snatched before she could get to the corner. She was raped and killed by somebody living only 3 houses down from her. No fault of her parents or her, he just couldn’t resist the urges that where probably being fed by child porn on the internet. I think

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