The Queen Of Suspense - Mary Higgins Clark

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With more than twenty-seven suspense novels to her credit, it would seem as though Mary Higgins Clark’s life was as well planned as her. This, though, is not the case. Her life was full of pain, disappointment, and poverty, but she rose above and determined to look on the positive side of life. (Donahue) Mary Higgins Clark was born on December 24, 1927, the second child to Luke and Nora Higgins. Luke was an immigrant from Ireland, while Nora was of Irish descent. She was their only daughter with an older brother and a younger brother. She grew up with the love of writing, composing her first poem at the age of six, and also writing plays for her friends. The family did not know hardship at first, as they owned an Irish pub. The pub did well even during the beginning of the depression, but soon suffered because patrons could not pay their bills that they had run up. The family then began to work harder, as they had to lay off employees to keep running. (“Mary Higgins Clark”) When Mary was 11, she came home to find that her father had died in his sleep. This further complicated the family’s finances, as Nora was now a widow, and a mother of three young children. Nora had tried to find work, but she had been a homemaker for fourteen years, so it was had to get back into the job market. Her mother decided to rent out Mary’s bedroom to help pay the bills. During this tough time, Mary’s older brother became ill and needed blood transfusions which put more stress on the family. Her brother survived the harrowing ordeal. (“Mary Higgins Clark”) Mary continued to write. She submitted her first work to a magazine at the age of sixteen, but it was rejected. She worked to help support the family by working as a switchboard operator at a local hotel. She often eavesdropped on guests, and dreamed of being a rich and famous author. (“Mary Higgins Clark”) Nora

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