Janet Evanovich Essay

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New York Times best-selling author, Janet Evanovich has written some attention grabbing, heart wrenching books throughout her years. She has also captured the attention of people across the nation by selling the rights to the first book in her Stephanie Plum series to Columbia Tristar. Does she create her stories purely from her imagination, or does her life influence how she writes her books? Janet Evanovich did not start out as a writer but as an artist. She studied art at Douglass College in New Jersey for four years before she realized that it was not right for her and decided to take up writing. “I originally started writing the great American novel. Did three of those. Sold none. After ten years of being unpublished someone suggested I try romance” (Jean, sec. 2). "I wrote series romance for the next five years. It was a rewarding experience, but after 12 romance novels I ran out of sexual positions and decided to move into the mystery genre” (White, sec. 1). This is when she found her true calling, writing action novels. She took a year off to do some research on action novels, to figure out how to write them, and what she liked most about them (Schawbel. sec. 5).She had some struggles in the beginning, just like most writers do, but her biggest piece of advice to young writers is to never give up, just like she does not. She has written a total of forty-eight books throughout the course of her career and does not intend to stop any time soon. Which is a good idea; Evanovich has a large fan group full of loyal followers who would be very upset if she did. Writers get their inspirations from all different kinds of places, one word could spark an entire story idea. For Evanovich, most of her inspiration comes from life, movies, television shows, and news (Schawbel, sec. 3). Direct character inspiration comes more from her life than anything though. She is most
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