The Pros and Cons of Episiotomy

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The Pros and Cons of Episiotomy Episiotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the perineum to widen the vulval outlet during childbirth. The extent of this procedure has changed over the past century. Now, episiotomy is like a routine procedure for difficult childbirth. I think this topic is worth researching because of all the dangers and trauma after vaginal birth that is caused by an episiotomy, and also the lack of knowledge about this procedure by childbearing women. The client’s outcomes expected from the three articles chosen are: the client will... Learn how perineal wounds heal and factors to prevent infection. Learn that episiotomy is recommended to be used selectively and not routinely. Learn that episiotomy is a risk factor for anal sphincter injury, perineal injury and pain. The article by Steen (2007) is a Meta-analysis study focusing on perineal tears and episiotomy how they heal and the process involved. The findings were that most women experience pain due to perineal wounds, mothers should be asked about any concerns about the healing process of perineal wounds and most importantly, midwives should be trained to take care of these wounds and provide adequate pain relief. Developing a trusting relationship with a woman is also very important as this will promote good communication, opportunities to discuss perineal care, early detection of a delay in healing and possible infection. The article entitled, the need to avoid the routine use of episiotomy is a systematic review about the use of episiotomy. A series of randomized trials included 6 randomized controlled trials with 6600 women. The findings were, even though there were statements to support the advantage of episiotomy in the beginning which was based on personal belief, it is now proven by a series of well designed trials that episiotomy should not be used as

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