Geriatric Care: Multisystem Failure

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Care of Geriatric Patient Multisystem Failure Stephanie Beck Western Governors University Geriatric Care A. Assessments Mrs. Baker is a 73 year old female, presenting to the emergency room after collapsing outside with dyspnea, increased pulse and respiratory rate. She arrives confused and upset and becomes unresponsive and has increased dyspnea. The initial assessments would be to check her ABC’s. Her airway should be assessed by listening for stridor or gurgling sounds, checking for obstruction, performing a jaw thrust, removing loose fitting dentures. Breathing should be checked with listening with a stethoscope, feeling for her breathing and watching the rise and fall of her chest. Circulation…show more content…
The faces scale should be used last due to its frequency of misinterpretation (Herr, 2010). The alert patient will be able to vocalize their pain level, the location, duration, frequency, intensity and type of pain. The nurse will also be able to see differences in facial expression while speaking with the alert patient. The unconscious or not alert patient will be assessed differently. The nurse must be very observant and watch for signs of pain. According to Herr, pain assessment in unresponsive patients should be achieved by direct observation using the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale (PAINAD) or the Pain Assessment for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate (PASCLAC) scale (2010). Each of these scales provides a pain score based on observations of the patient, such as body language, facial expression, breathing, and activity…show more content…
The standing order for 500mg acetaminophen by mouth, while effective in the elderly population, should not be an option because of the potential for choking. The unresponsive patient would not be able to swallow. The morphine 0.1mg/kg IM would not be the first choice because the patient is currently showing signs of pain and the intramuscular route takes longer for the onset of pain relief. Pain relief would be noted by observing the patients vital signs (decreased pulse and blood pressure may indicate pain relief) and observing the patient for a decrease in moaning, restlessness and

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