Female Circumcision Essay

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I. Introduction A. Attention getter: Female circumcision is silently taking young lives. B. Thesis: Female Circumcision was introduced around the 5th century B.C and has spread not only in Africa but other parts too. C. Credibility: 1. I am Ugandan and I was very young when I learned about Female Circumcision. 2. I have kept up with the countries that practice these for 2 years now. 3. I am very concerned about the young girls who go through this. D. Need Step: 1. The New York Times, July 2004 states that 130 million women in Africa have been circumcised, and two million more girls undergo the practice every year in 28 countries. 2. We are all people and we should all be sympathetic towards others. 3. According to the journal of Gynecologic Surgery volume 22, number 3, 2006 there are very many complications that come with this practice such as hemorrhage, wound infection, and more. E. Preview Statement: Let’s first cut into the meaning of Female Circumcision and then scatter the history of this procedure and lastly stitch together the places where female circumcision is still practiced. II. Main Point One: what female Circumcision is: A. Procedure: Traditionally female circumcision is a rite of passage to prepare young girls for their arrival to adulthood, marriage and mother hood. This procedure is when the external genitalia are removed partly or completely. The Article Health and Medicine explains that 85 percent of women circumcised in Africa consist of the removal of the clitoris B. Tools: in every culture female circumcision is practiced differently. This practice involves cutting pricking and sometimes piercing. The tools that are used to cut and sew these young ladies are not clean or same or even met for operating on a human. The practitioners use tools that have already

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