Female Circumcision - The Subjugation Of Women

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Female Circumcision - The Subjugation of Women Female Circumcision is a milieu for contradicting coalescing force relations – the general matrix involves the exercise of tradition, culture, social acceptance, women’s rights - and it is a strategic exercise of power that perpetuates the social hegemony the subjugation of the circumcised woman physically, emotionally and psychologically. Female circumcision, also recognized as female genital mutilation and/or female genital modification, in general, is the removal of the female genitalia and/or clitoris. This area of the female anatomy is known to be extremely sensitive. This is why the process is very painful. Furthermore, lay practitioners who have little or no knowledge of medicine or human anatomy almost always perform female circumcision without anesthetic. It has been practiced in different parts of the world such as in the Middle East – where it is most common in Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria, Africa, and Indonesia. According to the World Health Organization, it has been “documented in 28 countries in African and in several countries in Asia and the Middle East ”. In Africa , female circumcision is considered as an element of a rite of passage for women. It prepares young girls for womanhood and marriage. Practitioners see it as part of their cultural and ethnic identity and as a religious obligation. Virginity is also held in high regard and as a commodity for the family's capability to arrange her into marriage and receive a bride price and keeps the family honor. Traditionally, a female is circumcised very young. Women are generally circumcised at around 15 to 49 years old . During the procedure, she is surrounded by family. Normally, it is the family who assure that the she is in place during the procedure. Moreover, a midwife prepares the tools such as, “knife, broke piece of glass, or a specific

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