Cp Strangulated Hernia

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Bukidnon State University
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A Case Study:
Strangulated Hernia

Submitted to:
Maria Algerica T. Cuenco, RN,MAN
Clinical Instructor

Submitted by:
Gayona, Emily Golda M.
Rellita, Jezza
Serafin, Terence

A hernia occurs when part of an organ pushes through a weak point in the wall of the body cavity that normally holds it. Hernias can develop in many areas of the body, but abdominal hernias are the most common type. In this type of hernia, part of the abdominal tissue protrudes through a weak area of the abdominal wall. Although most abdominal hernias are not life-threatening, one type can be — a strangulated hernia. This type of hernia, in which the bulge is constricted so that the blood supply to the area is cut off, constitutes a medical emergency that requires immediate surgery.

To obtain a broad understanding and learning about Strangulated Hernia through completing the necessary action and data for this case study.

SPECIFIC Objectives
To increase knowledge about Strangulated Hernia.
To learn the probable cause, sign and symptoms of Strangulated Hernia.
To improve knowledge about how to do the ideal nursing intervention for clients with Strangulated Hernia.
To do the necessary nursing intervention in hospital for client with Strangulated Hernia.
To observe and understand the behavior of client having Strangulated Hernia.
To develop our nursing responsibilities.
To give the proper care and build a genuine nurse-patient relationship conducive to good health

Etiology * congenital weakening of the abdominal wall, * traumatic injury, * aging, * weakened abdominal muscles because of pregnancy, or * increased intra-abdominal pressure (due to heavy lifting, exertion, obesity, excessive coughing, or straining with defecation).

Anatomy and physiology

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