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Research Article Analysis Paper Abstract The abstract is a detailed description including the study problem, the particular patient population studied, the method of study used and a brief description of the results. The authors present the question and significant results of that question within the abstract. The abstract would have been strengthened by clearly stating the sample size and conclusion of the research. Introduction The authors of the research article found it important to educate nurses directly working with renal disease on end-of-life issues. They felt these patients were not getting proper education and assistance ensuring the wishes were being carried out. From this the Evidence-Based Practice Project began. Problem, Purpose and Research Questions…show more content…
The importance goes further to the core of the problem focusing on the nurse and evaluating what is needed to be done in order to educate this patient group. The research problem involves nurses who are not comfortable discussing end-of-life issues with their patients and is identified in the first few paragraphs of the article. This is a significant problem nurses and doctors can educate, manage and monitor for these chronic patients. The purpose is not clearly stated in the study, but is inferred within the abstract of the article as well. Patients and families dealing with potential end-of-life issues is a very common problem in health care today. The Research addresses the following questions: 1. How can we assist our patients with ESRD with end-of-life issues? 2. Is the topic a priority for the organization 3. Do patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 receive enough information on quality of life and end-of-life issues? (Hopkins, Kott, & Pirozzi, 2011, p.

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