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Concept Analysis: Missed Nursed Care
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Theoretical Basis Advance Nursing
NR 501
May 29, 2015 Concept Analysis: Missed Nursed Care
Concepts are useful as building blocks in nursing theory, they are used to explain and define a phenomenon of interest. Concepts analysis is a useful way to clarify concepts that have multiple meanings. Concept analysis is valuable to the nursing profession because it allows the reader to grasp the context of concept that may be a part of nursing theory of practice (Cronin, Ryan, & Coughlan, 2010).
A concept analysis of missed nursing care will be analyzed and explored for its causes and implications to the nursing profession. Why does missed nursing care occur? Missed nursing care is a failure to perform a required patient intervention, which is either delayed or omitted. It is identified as a nursing task left undone. Omissions in basic care often go unrecognized and unreported and can result in deleterious patient safety outcomes. Missed nursed care by its very essence challenges the nursing professions mandate for patient advocacy and weighs heavily on the minds of patients, direct care nurses, and management alike.
The model of concept analysis introduced by Avant and Walker (2010), will be used to define what constitutes a missed nurse care. This approach to concept analysis attempts to clarify unclear concepts and provide a clear definition of the application of the concept in the context of nursing. Selecting a concept completes the first step. The concept of missed nurse care will further be analyzed to determine the aims of the analysis, identify the uses and the defining attributes. Clarification of the concept will be discussed through the identifying model case, alternative cases, consequences, and finally by defining the empirical referents.
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