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Application of the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care

Definition of the Problem
• The problem the study was conducted to resolve The study conducted finds the factors perceived quality and safety of care with intensive care units nurses’ quality working life performance barriers. Workload and equipment-related issues affect quality and safety of care. The quality of working life performance mediated the impact of barriers.
• The problem important for health care administrators to study
The problem important for health care administrator to study because that derived from these studies involve improvement solutions to increase or decrease the number of nurses have the number of patients. This way may not be feasible that given the shortage of Unite States nurses increase in ICU patients.
Study Purpose
• The purpose of the study
The study provides a focus on potential changes in ICU nurses working system. To find the way to reduce workload, improve quality and safety, and design QWL alternative system.
Research Questions
• The main research question.
1. Being a staff nurse: Typically, non staff nurses have limited knowledge of a particular unit and may therefore experience additional obstacles that staff nurses do not.
2. Having been assigned ICU-level patient(s): Rarely, patients who do not need ICU-level care stay in the ICU due to bed unavailability in other hospital units. Nurses who attended such patients were excluded.
• The research question is identified, If not otherwise stated.
(1) identify barriers to performance, the impact of nursing workload, perceived quality and medical safety in the intensive care unit, (2) performance barriers and understanding the relationship between perceived quality as a mediator the role and the workload of the safety and health performance

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