Blood Transfusion Sim

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1. Discuss the nursing management of the postoperative patient who has undergone a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. * Determines patient’s immediate response to surgical intervention. * Monitor patient’s physiologic status. * Assess patient’s pain level and administers appropriate pain relief measures. * Maintains patient’s safety(airway, circulation, prevention of injury) * Administer medication, fluid and blood component therapy, if prescribed. * Assess patient’s readiness for transfer to in hospital unit or for discharge home based on institutional policy. 2. Identify priority nursing care to prevent potential complications following this type of surgery. * Maintain respiratory function * Maintain circulatory function * Promote elimination and adequate nutrition * Promote urinary elimination * Promote wound healing * Achieve rest and comfort 3. Discuss treatment modalities for potential complications as identified above * Push fluids to promote elimination * Hemorrhages may need surgical correction * Apply O₂ 4. Discuss the standard of nursing care when transfusing any blood product. * Verify that an order for the transfusion exists. * Conduct a thorough physical assessment of the patient (including vital signs) to help identify later changes. * Document your findings. Confirm that the patient has given informed consent. * Teach the patient about the procedures associated risks and benefits, what to expect during the transfusion, signs and symptoms of a reaction, and when and how to call for assistance. * Check for an appropriate and patent vascular access. * Make sure necessary equipment is at hand for administering the blood product and managing a reaction, such as an additional free I.V. line for normal
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