Wgu Community Health Nursing Task 4

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Community Health Nursing Emergency Response 725.8.8 Stefanie Pipia Western Governors University April 18, 2014 Disaster in Franklin County In the event of a disaster there are many people with various roles needed to respond and meet the needs of the community affected. The role of major public health personnel is to assess the incident for immediate health needs, severity of health needs and the potential health risks of the community. The public health personnel have specific roles, responsibilities and functions to carry out during the disaster to identify, manage and minimize aftermath. The public health nurse can assess for immediate health needs related to injury and disability. They can identify and provide health related education to reduce the health risks related to the disaster as well as prevention of secondary conditions. Secondary conditions can be caused by food and water contamination and injury from chemical spills or exposure. The public health nurse can provide first aid treatment within their scope of practice, assess vital signs and communicate the need for other health related resources. They can manage of pre-existing conditions by assisting with transportation to shelters for those in need of electricity for nebulizers, oxygen or other necessary medical equipment. Coordinating with others to meet the needs for those on life sustaining medications, such as blood pressure or chemotherapy medications or people receiving dialysis treatment can be initiated and carried out by the public health nurse. The public health nurse can be perform door to door interviews and assessments of households to identify needs, provide assistance for acute distress or urgent medical conditions. During the assessment process the nurse must prioritize the needs and communicate with the proper departments so individual needs of the

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