Post Operative Pain Management

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Pain is experienced by everyone on a daily basis and it is a very important component in the care of all patients undergoing surgery, both pre-operative and post-operative. All types of surgical procedures, either minor or major cause trauma on patients because it involves incision or excision of patients’ tissues and closure of the wound/s by sutures or surgical staples. The pain that patients, both adults and children often experience immediately after surgery not only increased discomfort and anxiety levels but it also stresses the body. Nurses play a key role in the overall assessment and management of patients’ pain and lack of adequate pain management provided by nurses affects the patients’ ability to heal, mobility and subsequently leads to a prolonged length of hospital stay. This essay will examine the methods of pain assessment and whether nurses tend to underestimate patients’ pain or lack of adequate pain management is provided due to the medical orders for pharmacological means. The essay will also discuss the physiology of pain and the effect of different pain management strategies in relation to pain physiology along with the issue of effective pain management in adults and children and how effective pain management will be achieved. Pain assessment is an essential method to providing effective post-operative pain management and in the general promotion of patients’ comfort. However, despite the increased awareness and knowledge of pain assessment, Horbury and colleagues (2005) suggest that nurses continue to underperform pain assessment not only in the post-operative patients but also in other hospitalised patients. Moreover, this is indicative to be one of the most problematic aspects of achieving optimal pain management (Nash et al, 2001, p.180-189). There are numerous recommendations and guidelines for pain assessment in Australia

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